SOONHUA Microphone: 3.5MM Condenser Mic Review

Your laptop comes with an inbuilt microphone port and chip. Once you connect a pair of earplugs, which have a receiver, it is easy for you to communicate with people and do live broadcasts over the internet.

However, when the issue of distance comes into question, connecting your headset could breed problems. You cannot move around when you have the headphones on; that is why you should invest in a good microphone to enhance comfortability when talking over the device.

So, what type of microphone should you buy? A good example is the SOONHUA Microphone 3.5MM Condenser Mic. The condenser serves most individuals who love to communicate without having to wear headsets.

Here is a review of the mic.

Design of SOONHUA Microphone: 3.5MM Condenser Mic

SOONHUA MicrophoneThe condenser features an artistic design that any user will love. First, when you open the package, you will find red windscreen, tripod, Y splitter converter cable, and the condenser itself.

Once you are ready to chat or record, insert the condenser cable into the microphone port on your laptop. The windscreen acts as a pop filter, which reduces the ā€œpā€ and ā€œsā€ impacts. The tripod comprises of silicone rubber, which keeps the stand stable on the desk.

Additionally, note that the tripod allows for 180-degree rotation. Users can speak through the microphone from any position.

If your laptop does not have a microphone port, use the Y filter cable.

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Sound Quality of SOONHUA Microphone

SOONHUA Microphone 3.5MM Condenser MicDespite its prices, users who buy this device boast of its excellent quality of sound.

The SOONHUA Microphone is omnidirectional. It has the power to pick sounds from all directions. However, it also features a noise cancellation feature that filters unnecessary background noise, which can be distractive while speaking.

Other notable qualities include:

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  • A full frequency of about 50Hz- 16kHz
  • No distortion, whatsoever



SOONHUA Microphone1The SOONHUA Microphone 3.5MM Condenser Mic is suitable for many applications. People who love to chat can benefit from this unit.

One benefit of the condenser is that you do not require any software for its function. It can work on any PC, whether Mac or Windows. Besides that, you can connect the mic to your smartphone (both Android and IOS) using the Y Splitter cable.

The condenser is ideal for:

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  • Gamers
  • YouTube recording
  • Chatting through all social media sites
  • Video conferencing
  • Making presentations
  • Podcast and voice recording abilities in the studio


Users should note that the condenser is only compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10. Additionally, you do not require any software for the microphone to start working. Insert the jack into the microphone port and the mic will be up and running.

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  • Cable is long enough (2m)
  • Tripod stand features silicone rubbers to avoid scratching the legs of the tripod
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Does not require any software to run
  • Portable

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  • May not be suitable for public speaking in a church or hall

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If you want to see the condenser in action, here is a video that gives an overview of the gadget.


The SOONHUA Microphone 3.5MM Condenser Mic is a recommendable instrument for individuals that want a microphone with great capabilities at a low price.

Since it is small, you are sure that you can put everything in your bag when traveling or when moving from one place to another.

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