The ONE Smart Piano Weighted 88-Key Digital Piano Review

Learners can admit that learning how to play the piano does not come easy. Expert pianists recommend players to have their personal touch, which should be a signature every time they play the instrument.

Apart from having a personalized touch, you have to adapt to the playing styles, the rules, and the skill involved. Did you know that you could find a piano that can resolve all these issues in one package?

I am talking about The One Smart Piano Digital Keyboard. The console has excellent features that a learner can use to quicken the time he or she uses to learn the instrument.

Here is a detailed review of the digital piano.

Appearance of The ONE Smart Piano Weighted 88-Key

The ONE Smart Piano Weighted 88-Key Digital Piano under 2000If you place the One Smart Piano on one end of a room and place an acoustic piano on the other end, the thing is, you may never note the difference. The electric piano features 88 standard size full-weighted keys with the graded hammer action.

The feature strengthens the learner’s fingers, which means that he or she will not have a problem transiting to the real piano. Additionally, it features a furniture style with a three-pedal system beneath it.

For those who want to add some décor to their home, then the piano will not disappoint. Besides that, it features a wooden music sheet rest where you can place your tablet or sheet music.

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Sound quality of The ONE Smart Piano Weighted 88-Key

In terms of sound, the electric piano does not disappoint. Primarily, the grand piano sound that it produces is off the hook. With the graded hammer system, you are sure that any player will sound like a professional piano player.

The electric piano also features expressiveness, which means that the touch response is exceptional. Note that you will discover the volume control on the keyboard provides optimum control of the whole unit’s sound.

Connectivity of The ONE Smart Piano Weighted 88-Key

Manufacturers include a USB cable that connects their mobile devices to the electric keyboard. Of course, you can utilize both android and IOS. However, with the android, the version should be 4.4 while the IOS should be version 9.0 and over.

The app comes with a variety of resources including videos, games, and a crash course, which we are going to discuss in the next point.

Educational features of The ONE Smart Piano

As a learner, you may not need to look for an instructor for you to start to play like a professional. One feature that learners can benefit from is the LED lights on the dashboard.

When you turn on the online courses on the iPad, the lights light up showing you which keys to press. That means you will be able to learn to play your first song within minutes.

Besides that, since it contains more than 4000 sheet pieces, the learner will know how to read and play the sheet music in your own pace. If you have children who have an interest in music, the games within the app make the lessons more interactive for them.

  • Suitable for learners
  • Resembles the acoustic piano both in sound and appearance
  • Perfect for recording
  • The app comes with many resources
  • Controls are within the ONE app only

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If you want a visual description of The ONE Smart Piano, here is a video clip that explains all its features vividly.


The One Smart Piano is the perfect instrument for learners. With its LED light feature, you are sure that you will be playing complex chord progression within a short period.

Note that it does not disqualify it to be an instrument for mature pianists. With great sound
and voices come from the piano, then it qualifies to be perfect for performances and recording sessions as well.


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