Theater Solutions SUB8S Slim Powered Active Subwoofer Review

Did you know that home theater systems come with slim design speakers for mystery? If a visitor comes to your home, it will take them some time before they can figure out the origin of the noise.

Because you want extra bass, some subwoofers can destroy the fun in hiding. That is because they have large enclosure boxes, which means that you have to place them next to the cabinet where everyone can notice it.

However, did you know that there are slim subwoofers that can offer excellent hiding opportunities? We searched through the market, and we found the Theater Solutions SUB8S Slim Powered Active Subwoofer.

Today, we are going to review it to find out what more it offers other than its slim design.

Design of Theater Solutions SUB8S Subwoofer

Theater Solutions SUB8SWe have to complement the manufacturer for adding the slim aspect, which many subwoofers lack. The height of the whole sub is 4.75 inches. Therefore, it can fit in between two seats. It can also fit under most seats.

With its slim design, you are sure that all the qualities within it lie on the same side, the lower side. Here you will find:

  • The down-firing cone, which is eight inches
  • The digital amplifier that features the phase, crossover, frequency and volume knob
  • Multiple outputs and input channels
  • Fuse
  • On/off switch with an extra auto shut off feature

Sound Aspects Theater Solutions SUB8S Subwoofer

The Theater Solutions SUB8S comes with a peak power of 250 watts and a frequency response of 35Hz-150Hz. With a small volume, you are sure that it will vibrate your seat.

You can opt to control the volume if not connected to an amplifier. At the bottom, also, you will find the port, which is square-shaped. It is distinctive from other brands. Most of the vents you will find have a circular shape.

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Connectivity and Usability

Theater Solutions SUB8S SubwooferIn my opinion, the Theater Solutions SUB8S subwoofer would be useful in a room where finding extra space would be a problem. Additionally, it is perfect for audiophiles that love to add some mystery to their audiophiles.

As a way to enhance the sound, the digital amplifier can accommodate any speaker. With the phase and the crossover options available, you can set them in such a way that it does not override the connected speakers.

It is also possible to bypass the amplifier if you connect it to an external one. Ensure that you set the frequency to zero and switch the phase button.

The woofer can function well with surround systems, in-wall entertainment systems, and multiple room systems. Users should be careful when placing the woofer down. The thing with a down firing woofer is that you can damage it if you exert force while putting it on the floor.

  • Slim design is ideal for hiding
  • Black ash finish adds to its elegance
  • Features up to 20dB per octave of the crossover
  • Multiple outputs and inputs
  • Square shaped port
  • May not offer enough bass for larger rooms
  • Needs extra care when placing it on its surface


You would not go wrong if you select the Theater Solutions SUB8S Slim Powered Active Subwoofer as your preferred choice. With it come elegance and great sound characteristics.

However, take precaution when handling it as these systems get damaged easily.

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