Top 5 Speaker Stand Carry Bags to Buy

How do you travel to your gig or store your musical equipment? Everything needs to be adequately maintained for long-term use since the instruments cost a fortune. That is why a speaker stand carry bag is available to take care of those stands that do the incredible job of erecting your speakers to deliver the sounds where it’s needed most.

Most of the stands will come with their carry bags but what happens when you order some, and you don’t know how to get them to the destination and back? Your search for a better carrying bag to take care of the speaker stands begins.

If you are lucky to land on this page, then we welcome you to read through some of the best carrying bags you can search for later. There is also a small guide to show you what you can consider before making the final selection.

Speaker Stand Carry Bags Comparison Table

Gator Carry BagOn Stage SSB6500 Speaker and Mic Stand BagUltimate Support BAG-90D Speaker Stand Tote

Compartments: Two compartments

Dimensions: 50 inches long

Used for: Speaker and microphone stands

Compartments: Two compartments

Dimensions: 50 inches long

Used for: Speaker and microphone stands

Compartments: One Compartment

Dimensions: 49.5 inches long

Used for: Speaker and microphone stands

Top Speaker Stand Carry Bags Product Reviews

Gator Carry BagBest Bag
  • FEATURESLarge bag with two compartments
    Holds 50-inch long stands
    Quality handles to manage the weight
On Stage SSB6500 Speaker and Mic Stand BagStand Bag
  • FEATURES Durable construction
    Removable padded shoulder strap
    Can be used to carry a variety of stands
Speaker and Microphone Stand Gig Bag by Hola!Stand Gig Bag
  • FEATURESDouble zippers
    Can be bought together with compatible speaker stands
    Can be used for a variety of stands

1.Gator Carry Bag

Gator Carry Bag

The first one on the list is the Gator Carry Bag that is lightweight when empty but has a large divided space to fit in two or three stands. The speaker stand carry bag is made suitable to carry speaker stands, lighting stands or microphone stands.

The interior holds 50 inches long speaker stands, two to be precise, or six microphone stands if that is how you want to use it. Carrying is enabled by the two reinforced and padded grip handles. The handles connect at the top using an attaching velcro wrap for better holding but go all the way down to hold the whole bag. That is how the bag can distribute weight on what you will use to handle it while carrying. It is also a useful mechanism that makes sure the handles stay intact despite the subjected weight.

The covering is made of water and tear resistant nylon so there will be no internal or external damage from the carried stands or scratches. Inside, there is a major division that gives you two compartment to hold the stands. Each spacing has its zipper, so you have a chance to carry two different types of stands that you need to be separated while on transit.

For those who would like to bypass the division and use it as one compartment, that would not be possible unless you want to tear the separating cloth which will cost you more than internal reconstruction.

From the Gator community, there are four different styles to choose from. The only difference is the model number and the number of compartments you get from the bag you want. Other customers ask if you can use it for airline travel. Well, musicians travel all over with equipment so that will not be a problem in case you need to fly with stand included in your luggage collection.

What customers say

“I purchased this bag to replace the On Stage speaker stand carry bag which I used for a long time before the zippers broke and split. I like the way it is constructed, with two compartments and the handles go all the way down to hold the whole bag as opposed to being attached at the top part only.

They are also angled, so you don’t feel the stress on them as you lift and carry. It feels light when carrying, and I hope that it will handle little scratches or stretch as I continue using it. As long as you speaker stands do not exceed 50 inches after collapsing, you will be good to go with what fits in there.”

  • Large bag with two compartments
  • Holds 50-inch long stands
  • Quality handles to manage the weight
  • Cannot carry more than two speaker stands
  • The inner division may be a hindrance to how much you can take with the bag


2.On Stage SSB6500 Speaker and Mic Stand Bag

On Stage SSB6500 Speaker and Mic Stand Bag

The second one on the list is the On Stage SSB6500 which is a competitor to the first. When comparing the two, this is a handy speaker stand carry bag that can still be used to carry heavy loads but how it works is different.

First, it comes with a black heavy duty padded nylon construction meant to handle the metal stands you are utilizing for your audience speakers. The padding in the middle allows you to access either side of the bag or lay it down to make use of the whole bag.

This is different from the previous bag that only allows you to access the sides and not the whole of it. At the top, the shoulder strap is adjustable to allow for a heavy or light carrying while on the move, and it’s removable if you want it out. It has a small pad to aid you in holding as you take the load. Handles are running down to mark the middle area which assists in moving with the luggage through the reinforced plastic that guarantees long time use.

You can access the 50-inch long compartment via the double zipper mechanism and go ahead to place two speaker stands of lesser or equal size, and you are good to go. For those of us who are looking for a suitable carrying bag to take care of the mic stands or the drum kit, it still proves to be useful that way so, there is no problem. You are however advised to select a different kind of bag to handle stands that have a wide and heavy metal base.

It is essential to check the dimensions of your bag before using it to carry the stands you currently possess. Otherwise, the rigidness of the construction and a rugged design gives you a bag that you will use until a decade is over. The only flaw is that after using it for a long time, the first thing that customers complain of is breaking the zipper. At that point, it will have served you long enough.

What customers say

“I needed this bag for the on stage speaker stands, and it works great for them. I also have a tripod stand that I use for the telescope, so I also use it to carry it when on the move. It has proved to be worthy of any stand that is not longer than 50 inches after folding.

I once tried to carry some iron mic stands that has a wide base, and it did not work well. I would advise anyone with the same problem to get a wheeled duffel bag that will accommodate a wide base. It is also not a good idea to stuff too much since you risk destroying the equipment while on transit.

Otherwise, it is a durable bag that has all the carrying specifications enabled. I like the idea of having the shoulder strap removable since I don’t use it too much.”

  • Durable construction
  • Removable padded shoulder strap
  • Can be used to carry a variety of stands
  • Cannot be used to move heavy stands with a broad base area


3.Speaker and Microphone Stand Gig Bag by Hola!

Speaker and Microphone Stand Gig Bag by Hola!

Next is your Gig Bag that is suitable to carry medium weight speaker or microphone stands. Measuring 50 inches long, it will carry stands that are equal or less the size. The construction involves medium duty casing that has double zippers at the top to access both sides of the compartment.

You can get this bag alone or together with the stands that require a 1 3/8 inch insertion at the bottom of the speakers. At the top, there are small straps to hold using the hand, and they have a Velcro wrap to handle them both and proceed to easy carrying.

There is one long shoulder strap that you can utilize when the load is heavier. It is removable, and there is a pad to ease the stress on the shoulders as you walk to the stage and off.

Since the zippers allow you to access two compartments with a divider between them, you can decide to separate the speaker stands with microphone or drum set stands. However, since you will get many collisions as you travel, it is a good idea to wrap them in their compartments before taking them home or to the where they are needed.

For the speaker stands, the speaker stand carry bag allows you to carry two of them or six microphone stands. What you can carry and how you do it depends but you should also mind about the overall weight and how long you are going to use it. This carry bag allows medium weight so that should advise you against carrying more than what it can handle.

The two speaker stands that accompany the bag will fit in perfectly so if you bought them together, there will be no trouble at all. For the rest, please make sure the dimensions are 50 inches or less after collapsing.

What customers say

“This carry bag comes at a great price. There are two zippers for the two compartments, and that is great when you have more than the speaker stands to carry. It is never a problem to open and close as long as the bag is not full. On the other hand, you wouldn’t want it full due to the carrying stress.

The loop handles have a Velcro wrap that makes it easy to carry while the removable shoulder strap comes to the rescue whenever the load is heavier and hanging on the shoulders. I use it to carry the accompanying speaker stands that you can buy together with the bag and a couple of drum set stands.

I, however, do not use it to carry too much since the material is lighter than the expensive speaker stands carry bags. When storing the bag, I only need to fold it and place it in the drawer.

Overall, it is a good bag for the price, but if you want to carry heavier stands, there are expensive ones out there that prove to be a great deal.”

  • Double zippers to access both compartments
  • Can be bought together with compatible speaker stands
  • Can be used for a variety of stands
  • The material is light which means you cannot use it to carry heavy items


4.On Stage SSP7950 Tripod Speaker Stand Package with Bag

On Stage SSP7950 Tripod Speaker Stand Package with Bag

Another speaker stand carry bag that comes with a pair of speaker stands is the on stage ssp 7950 speaker stand pair with carry bag. The speaker stands feature a reversible upper shaft which makes it a fit on many speakers out there requiring a suitable positioner to erect in the air.

The stand needs a 1 3/8 inch bottom opening for it to fit in. At the center are a tension height adjustment knob and a safety pin that help you adjust the height and keep the adjusted height in that position without wobbling or snapping off before falling. As for the safety pin, there are drilled holes to make sure that your chosen height stays that way.

At the bottom is a three-legged stand whose base area is changeable and to give you 120-degree base area. That lowers the center of gravity for better stability of the weighty speakers. The adjustable height range is between 44-80 inches so, it’s upon you to know which the best distance is for your speakers from the ground.

The knob can hold the legs tight, so you don’t have to stretch the plastic too hard until it snaps to avoid breaking it. Although it is not clear about the amount of weight that it can support, if your speakers are 55lbs and below, you will find the speaker stands worthwhile.

The best part comes when you get the stand carry bag. It contains a sturdy nylon construction that hosts 50-inch long collapsed speaker stands. The top comprises of a 2-pull zipper that allows for inside access which moves with ease whenever you need to use the bag.

There is one removable shoulder strap with a pad on it to facilitate stress-free carrying when coping with the heavy luggage. It also comes with loop handles which go all the way down to hold the bag as you carry.

The bag can be used to carry other stands such as microphone and drum types as long as they can fit and the weight is manageable.

What customers say

“The speaker stands came with the bag packed in a box. Before ordering them, I had issues with my previous speaker stands that had broken parts and mounting issues. After setting them up, I found that you don’t need much apart from setting the base, making sure that the speaker fits in the pole and adjust to your desired height. They also look great while in the hall where I use them a lot to prepare for my presentations.

The only thing I’m worried about is if the aluminum construction will withstand the speakers’ weight for a long time since it is a problem that I have been experiencing for a while with my previous speaker stand versions. Anyway, I like how they come with a handy carry bag, and there were no problems after first-time use. I hope they will serve their purpose without any trouble.”

  • Stands and bag combination
  • The speaker stands are compatible with a variety of speakers
  • Wide base area for stable speaker positioning
  • The carry bag has a sturdy construction
  • The bag can be used to carry other stands too as long as they fit in
  • The speaker stand is made from aluminum which might cause some customers second guess their buying decision


5.Ultimate Support BAG-90D Speaker Stand Tote

Ultimate Support BAG-90D Speaker Stand Tote

The last one on the list is the ultimate Support BAG-90D Speaker Stand tote whose cuboid shape is something that makes it outstanding. The outer covering of this speaker stand carry bag is water resistant with a canvas feeling that the users have to take care of if they need a proper serving from the bag.

This carrying tote can hold two speaker stands once you wide open the zipper that comes with enhanced pull. If you are looking for a bag with a divider in between to access two compartments, this bag does not give you that so, you have to arrange the speaker stands accordingly. The loop handles meet at the top, and for easy carrying, there is a Velcro wrap to join the two handles and increase the portability aspect.

The stand bag measures at exactly 49.5 inches long and it’s designed to carry the following: TS-100B, TS-90B, TS-80B/TS-80S, and TS-70B speaker stands. If you have stands that are less than the length of the bag, you can go ahead and fit them in there as long as the bag can carry them. One more feature includes a hang tag pouch that you can add a name and address.

Some customers feel that the outer cover is not protective enough despite the cool design so, you need proper care and maintenance while using this bag. On the other hand, when it comes to carrying, the loop handles are sturdy enough to manage the subjected weight on the stylish bag.

What customers say

“It is a nice design, but the material feels like a backpack. The seams allow me to see through and that does not portray a good picture when it comes to the cover quality. What I like about it is the design it incorporates when handling the speaker stands and the handles go round to wrap the bag which gives them a good weight distribution specification.

I have not faced any problems when trying to access the bag, and that’s great. I have used it to carry stands and wires, and there is no problem with that so far. I will be watching to see how long it will last before I need another one.”

  • Stylish design
  • Firm loop handles
  • Includes a tag pouch for name and address
  • The covering feels lower quality which needs you to take extra care as you use it


Speaker Stand Carry Bag Buying Guide

Speaker Stand Carry Bag

After reviewing some of the bags to use when moving your speaker stands from one location to another, there are a few considerations you need to make before deciding which bag will suit your carrying specifications.

Most of the stands you will find will come with their carrying bags so, if that is your case, then you are sorted out. Others will need a versatile bag that will handle the speaker stands and more yet when buying the stands, they did not come with a bag.

Before choosing the final speaker stand carry bag, here are some things you need to think about:

Size of the bag:

Most of the bags we have reviewed are 50 inches long. Most speaker stands are around the same height after collapsing so, most bags can be used to carry different stands regardless of the brand, as long they do not stretch beyond the pack when carrying. You need to check how long your stands are before selecting the bag to avoid embarrassment and unnecessary adjustments.

The material construction:

A good bag that will give you long service comes with nylon material. The degree of hardness matters here so a sturdy covering that can manage the weight of speaker stands should be an inevitable consideration.

The good thing is that most of the midrange bags will handle the metallic stands if you don’t move too much often. If you want a bag that will serve you for a decade, make sure that the material meets such expectations.

Handles and straps:

You need better handles to carry the bag otherwise, how are you going to move the luggage with stress on your hands or shoulders. Speaker stand carry bags are long which means they need proper handling to manage the weight and give it a balanced position that does not force you to balance as you move.

The handles should have Velcro wraps that go soft on your hands, and you can manage the loops on both sides. As for the shoulder strap, removable ones are better since, at times, they get in the way when not using them. Whenever you are using the shoulders to carry the bag, make sure that what you possess has padding to ease the strap stress on your shoulders.

Some compartments:

Some speaker stand carry bags will have one single chamber to place the stands in. Others will come with two compartments separated by a divider and may go ahead to include a zipper for each compartment. Two compartments help you separate the items you have if you have different sets of stands. Those with speaker and microphone stands will find two compartments useful.


This is your bag’s door, so it should be right and proper at all times. Most bags are thrown away due to zipper failure as one of the leading causes. Your zipper should move with ease whenever you need to open or close. On the other hand, you need to make sure that your bag is not overfilled since it will get in the way of the zippers as you try to close and open. The zipper should also have a handling string or small rope to aid in smooth movement and handling since they are made to be small.

What can it carry?

The speaker stand bags are specially made for speaker stands, but you have to think about other uses if you have more than that to move. A word of caution is not to mix two things that are vulnerable to destruction through friction while on transit. Most of them are designed to carry speaker and microphone stands. Check that specification if your work is involved with the two.

Our Favorite Carry Bag

With the above speaker stand carry bags reviews and guideline, you now have something to work with as you search for the next gig bag if it’s not your first. Our favorite carry bag is the Gator Carry Bag which has won the favor of many customers due to its rigid construction and better handles for weight management.

They fit 50-inch long collapsed speaker stands of all kinds that don’t have a wide base area or heavy metals. It also comes at a reasonable price, and that’s a tick for those of us on a budget.

Have we missed anything regarding the carry bags? Feel free to comment below, and we will be glad to share your view.

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