VocoPro DVD-Duet 80W Karaoke System Review

The VocoPro DVD-Duet 80W Karaoke System is probably one of the most feature-rich karaoke systems available on the market that plays most formats.

As compared to most VocoPro karaoke models, the DVD-Duet karaoke system is a bit bulkier, which is designed as a big box with the controllers on the top and a speaker at the bottom. The controls at the top boast all the control options including the control balance, microphone volume, voice control, and echo.

There are two cassette decks on top of the controls along with an AM/FM tuner where you can get connected to the radio when required. The VocoPro DVD-Duet 80W Karaoke System also features a DVD/CD player.

This karaoke machine is a full package for karaoke enthusiasts and is best suitable for commercial purpose as well. You can install this beautiful piece of machinery in your restaurant or café, where people love hangout and enjoy light moments.

6 Outstanding Features of VocoPro DVD-Duet 80W

VocoPro DVD-Duet 80W CD / Dual Cassette/ AM / FM Karaoke System

The following features are included in this multimedia model:

#1 High-quality Speakers

The speakers are, perhaps, the most important feature of this karaoke machine. With an output of 80 watts of power, the sound generated by its speakers is impeccable. This is the biggest selling point of this model from VocoPro. Therefore, this karaoke machine is mostly preferred for bigger venues. The power generated is more than enough for any house party, so you may want to keep your volume down before the neighbors call the cops. On the other hand, even with powerful sound, the output is extremely clear. There is no noise of filler sounds coming in between the music. Thus, even at high volume, the sound generated will not feel like a burden to your ears.

#2 The Equalizer

As the machine produces sound at 80 watts, it requires equalizers for stabilizing the volume density and other functions. The general equalizer feature of this machine allows you to control the density and volume of the sound generated. It is extremely easy to use and is located on top of the cassette compartment.

On the other hand, the fine tune equalizer feature of VocoPro DVD-Duet 80W Karaoke System allows you to finely attune the sound output. This feature is especially meant for the professionals who want to give their best performance. The fine tune equalizer controls the lows, the highs, the trebles, and other fine settings.  

#3 Dual Cassette Compartment

Those who are old-school and still keeps their old recording cassettes, this machine comes with the functionality of playing your music using cassettes. People mostly prefer the MIDI sound when they are playing in a closed environment; thus, this feature comes in handy.

#4 DVD Storage

What makes this karaoke machine flawless is that fact that it is designed for everybody. The youngsters who are not aware of how the old-school karaoke machines work, they can simply insert their CD/DVD into the compartment and browse through the music files that they want to play.  

#5 Digital Display

The big, bulky design means a lot of features and functionalities. The digital display is one of the many features this karaoke machine boasts. The display allows you to navigate the track you playing including the total time of the track, for how long it has been played, how much until it ends, and many more. The digital display makes sure that the users do not get confused when using the machine.

#6 Auxiliary Input

The auxiliary input allows you to connect your microphone to the karaoke machine. You can plug in your microphone and start performing to your favorite music. However, these auxiliary input cords are not the only way to connect your microphones to the VocoPro DVD-Duet 80W Karaoke System. These auxiliary input cords are specially designed for those microphone models that can only be connected via this way.

4 Pros of the VocoPro DVD-Duet 80W Karaoke System

  1. The machine can be controlled manually and via the remote controller as well. This makes it extremely easy to use
  2. The machine is compatible with the latest digital formats including JPEG, CDG, HDCD, MP3, etc.
  3. Despite big and sturdy design, it is extremely easy to carry
  4. High-quality speakers

Cons of the VocoPro DVD-Duet 80W

  1. VocoPro DVD-Duet 80W Karaoke System is not meant for home usage due to the power it produces and the cost that it comes in

Final Revie​​​w of VocoPro DVD-Duet 80W Karaoke System

VocoPro DVD-Duet 80W Karaoke System is incredibly powerful and easy to use. If you are looking for a karaoke setup that compliments your business set up like a café or restaurant, you should go for this model.

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