Why Is My Microphone So Quiet? 6 Ways to Fix It

Communicating over the microphone is an exciting thing, but it could be very frustrating if you are experiencing quietness from the other end, meanwhile the person can hear you quite clearly, but you cannot hear the person too. Most of the times, this happens when you are interacting with people on Skype over your PCs or smart devices, and in some cases, it may become a frequent occurrence.

In fact, most times, it could happen during video calls, and you can see the person on the screen talking, but he can hear you, while you do not hear any sound from his end, not until he will type a message to you saying, “I can hear you.”  Now, when this occurs, what could be the possible solution? We have tried to brainstorm a few reasons why this is happening and also elucidated some clear-cut answers below.

 6 Solutions for “My Microphone Is Too Quiet”

1. Go to the Volume Settings on Your PC and Fine-tune It

Now, you are ready to fix this microphone issue on your system. Firstly, go to volume settings on your PC and adjust it by taking your cursor down to the downright corner of your screen in search of the speaker icon, if you have found it double-click on it, then, a dialogue box will appear.

On the drop-down menu, click on ‘Options’ and then scroll to select ‘Advanced Controls,’ after clicking on it, a menu box will appear, check the lower part to click on ‘Microphone boost.’ In some computer systems, what you will see is ‘Loud’ option. Select it and click on ‘Close.’

Look out for ‘Balance control options’ and adjust them on the middle point, but ensure that you set ‘Volume controls options’ on the ‘Maximum scale.’   Moreover, be careful not to click on the ’Mute’ buttons.

2. Apply Another Microphone

a black Microphone

The primary instrument you need for communicating here is your microphone but if the one you have is not functioning fine, then, apply another mic. There are better and high-quality microphones, which you can find on the market.

3. Examine the Soundcard and Update Your Drivers

If you are encountering some issues using your soundcard, maybe ‘errors’ or any other challenge could be the cause of the ‘quietness or deadness’ in your mic. Therefore, you should update your driver because every mic can only function properly using the correct driver, then if you notice that could be the problem, bring it up to date immediately.

4. Re-install Skype on Your Computer or Smart Devices

Another way to detect and reverse this error is by re-installing Skype on your PC and other smart devices as the case may be if you notice the problem is with your Skype settings.

5. Reset the Audio Settings of Your Skype

Audio Settings of Your Skype

Endeavor always to check the audio settings of your Skype and possibly reset it whenever you notice this type of issue with your microphone. Moreover, you can program it on ‘Automatically adjust microphone settings’ on your Skype Windows. This spontaneous command will enable Skype to reset and configure the mic at its best performance ambiance whenever it is malfunctioning. Furthermore, to achieve this, ensure that you will choose the best mic as the input device for using on Skype.

6. Assess Your Device for Loose Plugs and Mute Buttons

Most of the times, if you are experiencing this issue, check your device to see if there are loose plugs like those of the microphone, which may not have been appropriately fitted into the socket. Again, ensure that your mic is not muted in any way on the system.

Mic Is Really Quiet: How to Boost or Increase Microphone Volume

There are various reasons why your mic may be so quiet as enumerated above. However, follow all the prescriptions described above for quick fixes and repairs, but in some cases, some may work, and others may not work, and this is relative to your device, the software in your PC, soundcard, driver, and even the mic you are using. Therefore, embrace all these solutions and use them accordingly to improve the functionality of your microphone correctly.

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