Yamaha NS-SW100BL Powered Subwoofer Review

From an interior design perspective, your sound system influences the way your living room looks and feels. In some homes, people would love some discretion, especially for their surround system.

Regardless of the efficiency presented by the speakers, one thing that they lack the rich bass sounds. Only a subwoofer could be the solution to your problems. To solve your problem, you would buy a Yamaha NS-SW100BL Powered Subwoofer.

It is from a famous brand, Yamaha, and so you can trust its effort in inventing a great subwoofer that comes with great qualities.

Here is an unbiased review of the subwoofer.

Design of Yamaha NS-SW100BL Powered Subwoofer

Yamaha NS-SW100BL SubwooferAs mentioned earlier, this is an excellent sub for people that want to enhance the aesthetic of their living room. You do not have to hide it from everyone since it offers an elegant and sleek design.

The enclosure features a black ash finish, which releases a shining figure once you switch on the light. Besides that, there is a sleek grille, which you can remove. It protects the cone from damage or from cheeky children who can poke the cone with sharp objects.

Behind the grille is the 10-inch cone with a por0t that features a flare port technology. At the back, you will find the control panel, which involves the input power and the volume buttons.

Sound Aspects of Yamaha NS-SW100BL Subwoofer

The unit combines a list of various technologies to bring about the crisp sounds that you want to enjoy your audio systems.

First, the twisted flare port is a design that ensures that sound moves smoothly, mainly when it operates in high frequency. Therefore, you will not experience any noises that come when the airwaves are running out of a regular port.

Additionally, the Yamaha Active Servo Technology II helps to control the motion of the cone in tight spaces by combining negative impedance, constant-current principles.

It can function either with or without the griller.

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Connectivity and Usability

Yamaha NS-SW100BLThe good thing about the Yamaha NS-SW100BL Subwoofer is that it does not choose. It has its amplifier which makes it easy to blend with speakers.

Use the volume button to lower or raise the frequency of the bass. You can place it on any cabinet or your floor. Be sure that the subwoofer would work best in a small and mid-sized space.

It is always a good idea if you can build on the acoustic properties of the room so that you can feel the bass in full range.

  • Frequency response lies between 25 and 180 Hz
  • Sleek design
  • Twisted flare port diffuses airwaves to prevent noises
  • Powered amplifier ensures that it blends with speakers adequately
  • No phase switch
  • Does not include multiple channels to connect to many speakers

We found the following video about the woofer as informative. Here is the link to it.


With the Yamaha NS-SW100BL, you can be sure that you will be getting all the sound characteristics that you want from a bass speaker. Ensure that you place it various locations in your homes to find out where the bass transmission takes place.

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