Yamaha P125 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano Review

One thing you are sure of when buying a Yamaha instrument is that you are going to get quality. The company, which has been in operation for years, never compromises on quality, and that is the primary reason professional pianists recommend their pianos and keyboards.

Recently, Yamaha released an addition to the P-series. The Yamaha P125 Digital Piano is an exceptional musical instrument with great functionality that adds to its personality.

Therefore, what makes the digital piano so unique? Here is a detailed review of the keyboard.

Appearance of Yamaha P125 Digital Piano

Yamaha P125 88-Key Weighted Action Digital PianoBefore you acquire any keyboard, you have to consider the amount of space that it will consume. With the Yamaha P125, you can be sure that it consumes less space, which is beneficial if you have a small apartment.

The sleek and thin appearance is one of the main reasons you have to consider buying it. You can place it on a customized stand; alternatively, you could buy a mahogany stand that comes with a three-pedal unit.

With its light nature, you can carry it from gig to gig without hiring anybody to do it for you, unlike when using an acoustic piano.

Sound quality of Yamaha P125 Digital Piano

Yamaha P125Both professionals and beginners will appreciate the sound of the Yamaha P125. It sounds more like the acoustic and features four layers of sampling.

That means that the player can express himself or herself using the different gradient levels.

You can connect two headphones through the various headphone inputs at the front side of the keyboard. Manufacturers added a new stereophonic optimizer, which enhances the listening experience through the headphones.

The digital keyboard’s speaker has an improved tweeter; therefore, the sound experience while using the speakers during practice is out of this world.

Connectivity of Yamaha P125

When using the keyboard, you have two options for maneuvering through the various menus. You can use the buttons on the dashboard or the smart app, which Yamaha developed.

The app consists of various recorded songs, classical pieces, voices, and rhythms. Besides that, you could record multiple songs and melodies using the app.

The buttons on the keyboard are easy to use. It also features up to 24 voices, 20 rhythms, a metronome, and drum tracks. Note that the instrument has ten additional sounds to the P115.

At the back of the piano, you will find the aux ports for connecting to the sound or the recording system, a USB port for connecting your laptop or IOS device, a pedal unit port for your three-pedals, and the sustain pedal port.

  • Comes with a three-pedal unit option
  • Sounds like an acoustic piano
  • Uses digital technology to control the console
  • Portable
  • 88-key Graded hammer action
  • Some keys easily lock up

Here is a detailed video on the Yamaha P125 Digital Piano.


The Yamaha P125 Digital piano is an excellent instrument for people who want to practice before they can transit to the acoustic version. The graded hammer technology will strengthen your fingers, which will make it easy when you transit to the acoustic piano.

With the smart app technology, it is easy to find voices and change menus.

Finally, the keyboard is also perfect for individuals who want to record or do a performance. It will fit in any vehicle since its sleek design can facilitate that.

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