Yamaha P515 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano Review

Everything musicians wants-when he or she gets on stage-is a digital keyboard that is versatile, diligent and intelligent as well. Manufacturers understand this since an unreliable keyboard can ruin a performance, regardless of how much you practiced arrangements.

However, the Yamaha seems to continue releasing great keyboards that possess great exciting attributes that a contemporary and classical pianist would appreciate.

The keyboard that we are talking about is the Yamaha P515, which is an 88-key weighted action digital piano with all the stage qualities any musician desires.

Why does it stand out as a reputable electric piano? Here is an in-depth review of the keyboard.

Appearance of Yamaha P515 88-Key

Yamaha P515 digital pianoThe Yamaha P515 Digital Piano came as a replacement of the P255. We can conclude that the keyboard does not compromise on the quality of the material used and the style.

One benefit that every player will love about the workstation is the look. You can use the vintage style stand, which features the three-pedal system underneath.

Besides that, it is possible to use the x-type stand. X type stands are perfect for a contemporary stage setting. Another great feature is the transparent music sheet. People from a far distance may miss seeing the rest when you place a tablet or a music sheet.

Other notable features include a dashboard with a screen and various controls.

Sound Quality of Yamaha P515 Digital Piano

Yamaha P515The one reason that makes it fit for a concert player is the 88-weighted keys. Additionally, manufacturers make the keys using dried wood, which adds to the great feel while playing.
Note that the keyboard comes with graded hammer action keys.

The speakers produce an effective stereo sound; in case you are playing in a small hall, the two 15 watt speakers will transmit sound to every corner. Otherwise, you can connect it to a sound amplifier through the audio outputs.

For those that want to have silent practice sessions, you can connect your headphone through the two headphone ports. The keyboard features an advanced technology that enhances it to sound like a natural piano.

The resemblance to the Acoustic piano

Other than graded hammer keys, Yamaha used samples from the CFX and the Bösendorfer, which represent two of the best acoustic pianos by Yamaha.

It comes with more than 480 voices including up to ten piano sounds.

Connectivity of Yamaha P515

You can connect memory flash drives. Although it features a 16 track recording system, you can also transfer the files to a USB memory drive. It allows you to save in both MIDI and Y files.

The manufacturers also include Bluetooth technology for connecting the console with your tablet or mobile devices. One exciting feature is that you can listen to your favorite tunes once you sync the two devices.

If you want to learn chord progressions for your favorite songs, the keyboard can detect the lyrics as well as the sequence.

  • Great features for stage playing
  • Uses Bluetooth technology to connect devices- No need for cables
  • Portable
  • Sound technology favors your environment
  • Perfect unit for composers
  • Might be a little complicated for beginner players

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The Yamaha P515 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano qualifies as the best digital stage piano for any musician, whether advanced or beginner. Most of the players would appreciate the perfect sound quality it produces.

In my opinion, since it is an excellent workstation for musicians, you will be spending long hours practicing your craft without getting tired.

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