Yamaha P71 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano Review

One of the factors that influence the purchase of any instrument is the depth of our pockets; in short, your budget. Money limits most buyers since it determines whether you are going to get the best digital pianos or not.

Today’s main highlight is the Yamaha P71 88-Key digital piano, which is an exceptional model. According to Yamaha, the P71 came to replace the P45 model; nonetheless, both of them have similar qualities.

What makes the Yamaha P71 88-Key one of the most pocket-friendly digital pianos that one can buy? Here is a detailed review of the instrument.

The Similarity of Yamaha P71 88-Key To The Acoustic Piano

Yamaha P71 Best Digital Piano Under 500When coming up with digital pianos, the manufacturers want something that will produce a matching sound as that of the acoustic piano. Yamaha was able to achieve astounding resemblance with this piano.

With sampled voices from the acoustic, professional players are sure that you will impress your audience with the piano voice. It also features other ten voices including the Cool electric piano voice, strings, organ, and the synth.

The full weighted keys have the graded hammer action, which is similar to that of the acoustic. Lower keys are heavier on touch while the keys on the higher end are light.

The Appearance of Yamaha P71 88-Key

Yamaha P71 88-KeyDespite the price range of this piano, it comes with an excellent black look. It features 88 keys and has fewer controls.

The user has to learn how to combine buttons and keys on the board when maneuvering through the menu. Know that you will require less space for storage if you have a small living room.


Any teacher would want to ensure that they have quality time with their students. With the split function, the two individuals can use the piano at the same time.

Once you turn on the split function, it also divides the sound into two. The user on the lower side of the keyboard will use the speaker on that side as their monitor, and the player who is using the upper octaves can use the speaker adjacent to him or her.

If you wish to have silent practice, the user can insert a headphone located at the front part of the keyboard. Be assured that you can also play the console using a low volume, which will ensure that nobody hears you while practicing.

The Perfect Use

Other than practice for pianists at home, the P71 is suitable for gigs, hall performances, studio recording, and any other places, including the streets.

For people that play classical music, you can place sheet music on the rest; therefore, no need to buy a separate stand to put the sheet. Other than that, the P71 comes with a sustain pedal, though small.

You can choose to use the stand or customize a personal one depending on your preferences.

  • Suitable for both professionals and beginners
  • Comes with a sustain pedal
  • Similar sound to the acoustic piano
  • Weighted keys
  • Fit for studio functions
  • Sustain pedal may be too small for advanced players
  • Few controls and voices


The Yamaha P71 88-Key Digital Piano will suit any player that wishes to record, practice at home, or perform at any gig.

Regardless of the few controls available, this digital piano is no different from using an
acoustic version. The full weighted keys will strengthen your fingers; therefore, making it easy to transit to the acoustic piano.

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