Yamaha Arius YDP S52 Digital Piano Review

Modern digital pianos come with additional features that make it easy for one to practice at home or play at a gig in a jazz club or something.

Regardless of the technological additions to the console, it is always a good idea if the manufactures maintained a traditional look and sound at the same time. One instrument that has been able to retain both qualities is the Yamaha YDP S52.

It comes with exceptional features and qualities that all pianists appreciate. Here is a detailed review of the instrument.

The vintage appearance of Yamaha YDP S52

Yamaha YDP S52 Digital PianoFor people who love the old style, then here is an addition to your home’s aesthetics. It features excellent brown and black wooden finish.

The furniture style stand comes with a triple-pedal unit. In essence, the sustenuto, damper pedal, and the sustain pedal

At the top of the piano is the cover, which when you slide it open turns to a music sheet rest. You will never hurt your fingers with the slow fall feature on the cover when covering the keyboard. Note that it can hold the weight of a tablet as well.

You will not feel any slippery effect even if you play for a long time because of the high absorbent material, which feels like the ebony wood on touch.

Sound quality of Yamaha YDP S52

Yamaha YDP S52 digital PianoYamaha, in its effort to ensure that the unit retains the sound of an actual piano, they sampled notes from the finest of Yamaha grand pianos; in essence, the Yamaha CFIIIS.

To enhance the sound of this 88 full-weighted keyboard is the “Pure CF sound engine”. It makes the notes from the keys more realistic like when playing the CFIIIS.

Besides that, the keyboard features 192-note polyphony, which adds expression to the way you play. The higher polyphony dictates that you can play more notes in an instance; hence, a beautiful sound.

If you love to wear the headphones, you connect it via any of the two ports. The ports are two for silent practicing between a student and teacher or duet. It also contains a stereophonic optimizer, which enhances stereo sounds just like when you are in performing.

Other sound qualities that make the digital piano useful:

  • Four reverb types
  • Acoustic optimizer
  • Ten voices
  • Ten demo songs
  • 50 preset piano songs
  • Can store up to 11, 000 notes
  • Two audible speakers

Connectivity of Yamaha Arius YDP S52

The Yamaha YDP S52 offers connectivity opportunities to enhance performances. You can connect your Apple devices. You will require your USB cable to connect the device to the console. That way you can have access to controls with ease.

Other than that, the manufacturer includes a songbook for people interested in learning classical music.

  • Heavy weighted keys
  • Comes with an automatic shut off feature
  • Dual and layer functions available
  • Recording function
  • A cover sheet is multipurpose
  • Small database

For more information on the Yamaha Arius YDP S52, here is reference video to watch.


The Yamaha Arius YDP S52 digital piano offers learning and performing solutions for all kinds of pianists. Contemporary musicians can also use the keyboard in a gig since it features other voices to fit various genres.

If you love traditional pianos and you are looking for a portable option, then you will find all the similar characteristics in this best digital piano.

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