Yamaha YDP103R Arius Console Digital Piano Review

As a way of enhancing their inventions, manufacturers keep coming up with new versions in a particular series of keyboard or piano inventions.

In the Arius series, Yamaha released the Yamaha YDP103R Arius Console Digital Piano.

According to many experts, it exceeds all the expectations a player would desire from an electric piano that matches the acoustic version.

What are the features that make the Arius Console great? Here is a detailed review of the piano.

Appearance Yamaha YDP103R

Yamaha YDP103R AriusPlayers recommend the manufacturers for inventing a unit that retains the vintage look. Regarding style, the piano is aesthetic. You should get a furniture style stand and a matching bench for comfortable sitting while playing this best digital piano.

Besides that, it is a full-weighted 88 key version with the graded hammer version. The keys become lighter as you go up the octaves. Therefore, if you want to concentrate on playing the grand piano only, then you can rely on the Arius for finger training.

Under the stand is a three-pedal system: soft, sustenuto and damper effect. All the three pedals have the half-pedal function.

The Arius black keys consist of a matte finish. It prevents the player from having wet hands if he or she has been playing the instrument for a long time.

Sound quality of Yamaha YDP103R

Yamaha YDP103R Arius Digital PianoThrough the Advanced Wave Memory, Yamaha was able to sample notes straight from the acoustic piano, giving it similar sound.

It has an excellent touch response control where you can alter depending on how you want to express yourself on the instrument.

The piano features a variety of other voices. To access them, press the function button and press the marked keys on the keyboard. For a more defined sound, the piano provides the reverb effect, split function, and the dual voice where you can combine two voices.

With the same function button, the player can return to the grand piano mode. The stereo speakers offer quality sound output. Nonetheless, you can connect a pair of headphones through any of the two headphone ports.

Connectivity of Yamaha YDP103R

On top of the piano, you will find a music sheet rest. It can be an appropriate position to lay your tablet or iPad.

Through the Digital Piano Controller App, the user can access various settings, save their preferred ones for easy access, use the metronome and the transpose button, a variety of voices, as well as record them for practice and self-criticism purposes.

You can choose to connect the tablet using an USB or through the UD-BT01 adaptor. The adaptor allows the user to connect the electric piano with the tablet using the Bluetooth technology.

Inside the package, you will find:

  • A pair of headphones
  • Polishing cloth to keep the keyboard looking new
  • Online piano lessons that fit your playing style
  • A highly padded bench
  • Contemporary musicians may find the piano as limiting

If you are curious about knowing more about the instrument, here is a detailed video that explains the Yamaha YDP-103R Arius Console Digital Piano in detail.


We can say with confidence that the Yamaha YDP103R Arius Console Digital Piano is the best electric piano for both beginners and advanced players.

It features all the benefits a player would want to experience when playing an acoustic piano.

Additionally, with a combination of various voices, the player can use them depending on the genre and the playing style that he or she wants to express.

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