Yamaha YDP143R Arius Console Digital Piano Review

Apart from looking for the best electric piano that matches the quality of an acoustic piano in sound quality, appearance is also a significant attribute.

From our research, most pianists focus on a console that delivers quality sound. That should not be a reason to criticize you in any way.

You should also be aware that a portable digital piano resembles the acoustic one both in style and sound quality. One digital piano that qualifies in both aspects is the Yamaha YDP143R Arius Digital piano.

Today, we are going to review it. We will give you some of its essential qualities, and the reasons why it is an excellent keyboard.

Appearance of Yamaha YDP143R Digital Piano

Yamaha YDP143R weighted Digital PianoAs mentioned earlier, appearance is always a priority. If you want to get something that is electric yet maintains the vintage look, then the Yamaha YDP143R Arius Console Digital Piano would be the best purchase.

It comes with a furniture style stand, which will probably match with your home setting and furniture as well. Besides that, the bench, which the manufacturer includes in the package offers a superior look and comfortability for any player of any size.

Beneath the stand is a three-system pedal unit with a gold finish. The sheet music stand can hold both tablets and sheet papers without toppling.

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Sound Quality of Yamaha YDP143R

Since any pianist can use it, the YDP143R produces exception sound similar to the Yamaha CF-3S, which is a famous grand piano among many keyboard players. Manufacturers sampled the voice notes straight from the piano.

The three-pedal system performs different functions while playing. In essence, one is the sostenuto, the other for damper effect, and the third one is for the soft mode. They all have the half-pedal function; hence, one does not have to press it hard to get the full effect.

Additionally, the graded hammer style combined with the CF sound engine ensures that the
piano is as realistic as possible.

Connectivity of Yamaha YDP143R

Yamaha YDP143R Arius Console Digital PianoRegardless of its vintage look, players can connect a laptop or any Apple device. By Apple device, I mean iPads, iPod Touch, and iPhones.

By using the Digital Piano Controller app and a list of other apps available, the player can access various functions, voices, and effects.

You can access controls from the left side panel of the piano. If you wish to use headphones, the user can connect through any of the two headphone outputs.

It consists of a stereophonic optimizer, invented by Yamaha, which creates realistic listening experiences while using the headphones.

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Other effects within the piano include:

  • The reverb
  • Damper resonance
  • Stereo speakers
  • Contains the split and dual functions
  • Perfect for duet and student-teacher instance
  • Graded hammer action to enable finger technique
  • Features a pair of headphones in the package
  • It is a 192 polyphony piano
  • Does not feature many voices; therefore, may limit a contemporary musician

For more information on the Yamaha YDP143, here is a detailed video on the instrument.


The Yamaha YDP143R Arius Console Digital Piano would be best for any player who loves a piano that maintains a vintage style appearance.

Compared to a grand piano, you can carry it from one location to another without having to tune it repeatedly, as it would be the case with the acoustic one. Therefore, we can conclude that it is perfect for performance in a gig, home entertainment and practice.

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